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Bucknellbridge is delighted to have been informed that one of their students, Irina Hendrickx was victorious in the 2021 Online Easter Festival 9 High Pairs! Irina had been a student with us for 2 years and won the event with her partner James Foster after a fantastic second session result of 70.85%! Well done both of them!

Charlie is a fine young player with an eternally positive attitude and professional demeanor. No matter what has happened at the table, he keeps a cool head and his eye on the prize. Despite his age, he plays with the experience of a veteran, but that doesn’t make him invulnerable to the occasional off-centre action and creative thinking which makes him an oh-so interesting partner and teammate. Whatever the scale of the event, anyone sitting opposite Charlie is bound to enjoy themselves, while picking up many a good result and learning a great deal about the game along the way.

Ben Norton

Charlie Bucknell is a very good humoured guy and an excellent bridge player. If you are looking for a partner in order to improve your game, Charlie is the man . He will be the guy with whom you can enjoy working on a perfect bidding system. I’ve known Charlie for a few years and I have played against him and with him on numerous occasions. It’s been a pleasure.

Gunnar Hallberg

Charlie is one of England’s most talented young players. Combined with his excellent table manner and interpersonal skills, it is no surprise that Charlie is such a popular and highly sought after partner.

David Bakhshi

Charlie, really knows his subject, and is determined to make Bridge FUN for everyone. He has a fantastic hand bank of tricky but fun defence problems that are brilliant for learning once you’ve kicked yourself one or twice.

Cath Fox, Vice Chair of EBU

After a bad congress, I asked Charlie to go through the hands with my partner and I. He absorbs the hands, gives salient advice, and helps grow our confidence. The next time my partner and I played together we won!

Ashley Sawyer, Regional Master

I really enjoyed having Charlie as a partner in Rome for the EBU congress. He was always positive,  supportive and non threatening even when I misunderstood bids. It was a pleasure to have his advice and I enjoyed his company hugely. I would happily partner him again in the future.

Linda Benneworth, EBU Overseas Congress Host