Short Courses

Congratulations on taking your first steps into the exhilarating world of bridge, are you ready for your next step? Come join our experienced staff on a short course to introduce you to the next level of the game in a gentle, positive environment.

For players who are new to bridge but understand the fundamentals
For players who have a solid grasp of the basics

For players who are ready to learn new advanced concepts
For players who are ready to take bridge to the top

Pre-empts and Ogust

Frustrated when you have a good hand and your partner opens a pre-empt? This short course will make sure only your opponents grind their teeth! Find out when to enquire, when to raise and how to put the opponents under more pressure with this Pre-empts and Ogust course.

Lebensohl Defence

Frustrated when you have a weak hand and your partner forces you to bid after a pre-empt? Find out how to solve the difficulties in showing different strengths with such little space left in the auction. This course focuses on auctions that start with a 2-level preempt and a take-out double.

Declarer Play Refresher Course

This course is designed to help those who are coming back to bridge after a hiatus or who want to freshen up on their declarer play after completing the intermediate course (or Bridge For All year 2 or equivalent).

Defensive Play Refresher Course

Defence is one of the toughest parts of the game. It has the most hidden information and our partner isn’t allowed to say anything to help us. Recap your defensive skills and help solve those tricky hands in defence. This is aimed at those who have completed up to the Intermediate Courses (or Bridge For All year 2 or equivalent).

Slam Bidding: Basics to Brilliance

Slam is by far one of the most exciting areas of the game, but it is also one of the more dangerous areas. This course will help guide you through the treacherous paths to the slamzone, introducing Blackwood, Roman Keycard Blackwood and much much more.

Raising Partner: A comprehensive guide

Through the uncontested and contested auction, the most important aspect of bidding is being able to raise your partner’s suit. What makes it tricky is showing your strength at the same time as your length. This course goes in detail to look at how you can accurately describe a wide range of hands concisely to your partner to ensure you don’t miss out.

Defensive Refresher

Need a refresher on different defensive techniques? Can’t work out what to lead or when to find the killing switch?

This short course will run through the standard techniques to make defending just a little easier.

2/1 5 Card Majors

Have you learnt the basics of bridge and want to try something more advanced?

Are you trying to improve your accuracy when bidding games and slams?

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*Please note that all Courses held at the Oxford Bridge Club require students to become members of the Oxford Bridge Club for an annual fee of £24. You can do this at the course with our staff guiding you through the process.