BucknellBridge brings the fun to you!

A daylong seminar which goes in-depth on topics that come up most at the table to help enhance your bridge and improve your results.

For players who are new to bridge but understand the fundamentals
For players who have a solid grasp of the basics
For players who are ready to learn new advanced concepts
For players who are ready to take bridge to the top

Swedish Jacoby 2NT

A Masterclass on Game Forcing raises over 1 Major opening bids. This seminar will help both those who play 4 or 5 card majors. This seminar is most suited to regular club players.

Multi Landy Defence

This seminar is aimed at advancing improvers, looking to take their club game to the next level by learning a new defence to those pesky 1NT openings.

Raising Pre-empts

Vulnerability, shape, points, support.

These are all factors we want to consider as we think about what to do when partner opens a pre-empt. Refine your judgment and make the auction a minefield for your opposition.

Reading the Auction

Your opponent’s greatest strength is also their greatest weakness. The convoluted journey to 3NT is the key to defeating it. Understand how to use the information provided as well as what is not bid to gain the most information to assist you in defeating your opponent’s contracts.

The Card Whisperer

Defensive signalling is the secret to success at any level. This seminar will introduce you to expert level defensive carding in a way that is easy to understand and apply.

Improving Your Hand

You pick up two aces and a king. Should this be any better than 3 kings and a queen? By the end of the seminar, you will know how to evaluate the cards in your hand and judge how far to compete in the auction as a result.

Splinter Bids

Want to learn how to use splinter bids to improve your slam bidding and judgement? Interested in learning how the experts regularly bid 25-point slams?

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*Please note that all Courses held at the Oxford Bridge Club require students to become members of the Oxford Bridge Club for an annual fee of £24. You can do this at the course with our staff guiding you through the process.