12 Week Courses

Congratulations on taking your first steps into the exhilarating world of bridge! Come join our experienced staff on a 12 week course to introduce you to the next level of the game in a gentle, positive environment.

Beginner ACOL Course

The BucknellBridge Beginner ACOL

12 Week Course

Beginner SAYC Course

The BucknellBridge Beginner SAYC

12 Week Course

Intermediate ACOL Course

The BucknellBridge Intermediate ACOL 12-Week Course

Intermediate SAYC Course

The BucknellBridge Intermediate SAYC

12 Week Course

Beginner ACOL CourseZoom and BridgeBase Online7th September 2023Book Now
Beginner SAYC CourseOxford Bridge Club7th September 2023Book Now
Intermediate ACOL CourseZoom and BridgeBase Online8th September 2023Book Now
Intermediate SAYC CourseOxford Bridge Club8th September 2023Book Now